Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Unlike Overbay, I'll comment on today's game

Well well well Lyle, not only did you get your way into the lineup, you hit a double and a homer.

Make no mistake, I find Overbay to be frustrating 'cause so many of his homers or extra-base hits come in low-pressure blowouts. But this is a promising sign.

Because with Snider out, the only way Overbay sits is if Ruiz plays. Which I wish he would.

Sooner or later, Ruiz or McCoy is going down when Snider is back. I still believe that if Cito gave Randy a week in a row's worth of at-bats, we'd see results. But Cito's love affair with Overbay prevents it.

But for one day, Hill, Lind and Overbay were all very productive.

This upcoming Mariners series is the type of letdown series we need to avoid. Fister is on fire and Cecil's got his hands full. Let's just hope the Mariners don't remember how to hit all of a sudden.

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